Long Haired Weimaraner

Long Haired WeimaranerWhen people think of a Weimaraner, they typically picture a dog with a sleek coat of thin, grey fur. However, long haired Weimaraners are becoming an increasingly popular pet due to their unique and beautiful appearance. Long hairs have the same friendly and enthusiatic temperature as shorthairs, but their longer coats can come with some distinct advantages. Here are some answers to common questions about Weimaraners with long hair.

What Do Long Haired Weimaraners Look Like?

Long hairs look somewhat different from the classic shorthair with a single coat and short fur. A long hair Weimaraner typically has both an undercoat and an overcoat. Their coat will lie flat, but they tend to have some feathering along the lower chest, belly, and legs. Hair tends to get longer around the neck, ears, and shoulders. A long hair Weimaraner tail also has a feathered, plume-like appearance, and they normally are not docked. Despite these differences, long hairs still maintain the classic Weimaraner shape. They tend to have a trim yet muscular body with an upright head and a straight back.

Is There a Difference Between Long Hair and Stockhaar Weimaraners?

Many people get confused about the distinction between long hair and stockhaar Weimaraners. A stockhaar is essentially a dog with a coat that contains both long hair and shorthair characteristics. Some Stockhaars have coats that look a little curly or wavy, and they typically have longer hairs along the tail, ears, neck, and shoulders. Stockhaar Weimaraners might look like they have long hair, but they tend to have a single coat with less hair along the legs and rear. Stockhaars are generally quite rare, but they can occur.

What Breeding Leads to a Weimaraner With Long Hair?

Long hairs are a relatively new variant of the breed. Some people purposefully breed to get long hairs, but they can randomly show even if both parents are shorthairs. The long hair gene is recessive in Weimaraners. This means that two long hair parents will always have long hair progeny. It is also possible for two shorthairs to have a mixed litter with both long hair and shorthair puppies if both of the parents carry the recessive long hair gene.

What Colors Do Long Hair Weimaraners Come In?

As most Weimaraner enthusiasts know, Weimaraners can be greys with a traditionally warm, greyish taupe coat, or they can be blues with a cool-toned, blue grey color. Long hairs can be any color that a normal Weimaraner can have. Therefore, it is possible to have dark blues and greys that also have long hair. Due to the genetics behind both blue coats and long hair coats, it is a little rare to see a blue long hair Weimaraner. They typically must be intentionally bred by a person who desires a blue long hair.

How Are Long Hairs Classified by Kennel Clubs?

Long haired Weimaraners are a recognized variant by most associations. The United Kennel Club just removed the disqualification against Long hairs a few years back, so it is now allowed among show dogs. Show Weimaraners with a long haired coat are a little less likely to win, but they are beginning to place as the variant becomes more popular. However, the American Kennel Club still disqualifies long hairs from shows. Though long hairs may not be the ideal configuration for show in some regions, they can still be registered as purebred Weimaraners.

What Are the Benefits of Long Hair for Weimaraners?

If you plan to spend a lot of time with your Weimaraner outdoors, a long haired dog is often a good thing. The thicker coat protects the dogs delicate skin from any underbrush or thorns that could cut them, and some dog owners find that long haired Weimaraners are less likely to get sunburnt. Having long hair also helps to prevent the weimaraner tendency to get white patches from any scarring. Many pet owners appreciate the silky feel and feathery look of a Weimaraner with a long coat.